Fragments is a portrait of disjointed ambition yearning for cohesion by way of teasing out what gave rise to it in the first place. It is a mix of hip hop tracks with dense, fragmented lyricism, and a few spoken word pieces partly inspired by Dean Young’s poem “The Invention of Heaven”. Very grateful to […]

Here’s my latest song! About my coming to terms with the dissonance of listening to an abusive artist; learning why it’s sometimes necessary to give up things that mean something to us because of the harm it has inadvertently caused others. Thanks for checking it out 💙 Prod. Tundra Beats Artwork: Rae NM ( Mix/Master: […]

Dancing around abstract words and learning to be more straightforward; This is the first official collaboration between mastermind producer Traffik and I. A short 4 track EP in anticipation for an album we’re putting together later this year. Isolated System, our lead single, was written close to a year ago and kept buried away until […]

My latest track is here and I’m so happy to share it with ya’ll and let it rest! I wrote Alignment over a year ago to an old P.O.S instrumental&hook called Optimist (from one of my favourite albums ever). after performing it a few times I came across Tundra’s beats and found a new instrumental […]

Hitting the gear shift and making new transitions. These are my first three songs in my movement from spoken word into music; the one constant in my life that has helped carry me through everything. The first track, Unravel started out as a slam poem that never really worked out. But it was pivotal in […]