Hitting the gear shift and making new transitions. These are my first three songs in my movement from spoken word into music; the one constant in my life that has helped carry me through everything.

Production and mixing by Steel Tipped Dove
Cover art by Ruth Monjaras

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The first track, Unravel started out as a slam poem that never really worked out. But it was pivotal in pushing me to take lyricism more seriously through music. And though I’ve outgrown some of the sentiments, the aimlessness I express on this track was important for me to reflect on and be transparent about.

Mr. Meeseeks and Yellow Granadilla came around a little while after, both written about 6 months ago. These two songs also took a couple different forms until I met the incredible producer Steel Tipped Dove whose production helped bring these songs to completeness. Mr. Meeseeks is about learning to navigate through the voids expressed in the first track. With Yellow Granadilla being a more proper introduction on my focus with the music.